Our  OLALA girth explained

The OLALA girth is a highly adaptable girth.

The center pad has to have the correct size for your horse

The girth straps move independently so you can find the correct position

You can choose from several linings for the removable pads (here above the girth)

Standard is Airshell, but Sympanova, neoprene, wool, Vella and medicinal sheep are also possible.

Those pads are attached with Velcro, they can come off easy and be washed.

It is important that you measure the belly of the horse, between the elbows to determine the size of the center pad.

The buckles need to end above the elbows.

Size 1: elbow to elbow between 28-32cm (center pad ca. 20cm)

Size 2: elbow to elbow between 33-38cm (center pad ca. 25cm

Size 3: elbow to elbow between 39-55 cm (center pad ca. 30cm

Size 4: Elbow to elbow > 55cm (center pad ca. 35cm)

Please also give the size in centimeters when you order!


The center pad on this video is too wide for this horse, but it does give you a view of the benefits of the Olala girth.

It also illustrates why it is very important to give your dealer the correct size!

The elbows should not rub the center pad

This video shows how the ends of the Olala girth can move independently from each other, to achieve the best lining of the girth.

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