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Ghost Quilty
Ghost Quevis

Ghost Quilty € 711

Ghost Quevis € 711

Ghost Florac, basic model, no blocks

Ghost Florac € 638

Ghost USA complete with fenders and horn

Ghost USA € 1063

Ghost Ferrara € 748

Ghost Puro € 675

Ghost Puro Plus  € 708

The Ghost Quilty, Quevis, Ferrara, Puro and Florac are all models with a short flap, good for pleasure, trail and for those riders who love to have  little between them and their horse. The Ghost USA is based upon these models, but has a skirt and a horn for the genuine western look.  The Quilty has vertical thigh blocks, for the rider who likes to have the legs straight. The Quevis has the thigh blocks  slightly angled and in a more forward position for riders who prefer to ride with shorter stirrups. The Ferrara has the blocks incorporated in the flap. The Florac has no blocks. The Ghost USA can be delivered with thigh blocks in both positions.

The Puro can be ordered with and without blocks.

 Ghost Roma € 735

 Ghost Barocco € 847


Ghost Veneto € 735

 Ghost Torino € 847

Buttera  € 871 - €  629

The Buttera is a new seat style - available for a Ghost base and for the Cavallin bareback saddle. It has a frontriser and incorporated blocks .

On the photo the Cavallin Buttera.

The soft padded seat will make you  feel very comfortable

The Ghost Roma, Veneto, Barocco and Torino are dressage style saddles. Also available with a hidden pommel. The Roma  has vertical thigh blocks, for the rider who likes to have the legs straight. The Veneto has the thigh blocks  slightly angled and in a more forward position for riders who prefer to ride with shorter stirrups. The Barocco can be made with both types of thigh blocks . The Torino has the blocks incorporated in the flap and can be removed.


Ghost Maremma € 735

 Ghost Maremma € 735

 Ghost Cagliari € 735

Ghost Cagliari € 735

Ghost Maremma and Cagliari are normal Ghost saddles, but made with a seat from real untreated sheep skin. You can order them in several styles. The Cagliari has longer flaps (such as the Roma) and the Maremma has the same shape as the Quilty and Quevis. You can order them with blocks, wild cut or with the same contours as one of the other models.

Ask your dealer for all the possibilities


 Ghost Classic Italy € 939

Ghost Classic Lipica € 939

Ghost Classic Flamenco € 939

Ghost Classic double flap

The Ghost Classic saddles have a double flap with Velcro blocks and a hidden pommel, for the “Classic”  look. The Italy is a general purpose model. The Lipica is  for dressage and the Flamenco has a nice Spanish look. They all have the same features as the other Ghost saddles.


Velcro stirrup attachment

 Cavallin Treeless Heritage € 847

Second stirrup attachment

Cavallin Treeless Crusader 

€ 847

Cavallin Treeless Crusader

The Cavallin Treeless line is made by Ghost and uses the same base structure. The difference is the stirrup and girth attachment. The stirrups are attached to a sturdy velcro plate, that can be placed in every position.  Some models have a second attachment under the flap, next to the billets. You can order special stirrup straps that are attached at the top and lower rings, to distribute the weight of the rider. The billets are attached with rings at the bottom of the flap. There is a choice of blocks, which are also attached with Velcro.


Cavallin Treeless Mandriana, Toscana, Buttera and Mini for very small children are a crossover between a sophisticated   bareback pad and a treeless saddle. These unique models have 3 parts. A treeless pad with inserts and lined with thick wool, the “base” with cantle and the girth straps, that spreads the pressure over a large surface and holds the sturdy Velcro stirrup attachment. This constructions will adapt to your and your horse’s needs. The Mandriana has 3 models:

There is a choice in skins for the Mandriana. Lovely lush cream coloured medicinal sheepskin with a pile of 3cm. Several colours with 5cm pile and untreated wild sheep skin in many natural colours. You can ask your dealer  for options

€ 448 - € 629



Ghost has many accessories, such as pads, girths, front risers and seat diminishers,  stirrup straps, stirrups strap protectors, girth strap protectors, fenders, seat savers and Zalea’s….  each accessory is custom made to match your saddle and taste. Photos are below. 

Ask your dealer for the options

Pads for each model. Price  between € 81 and € 101

Medicinal sheep is € 88 extra

 Ghost full elastic girth made from heavy duty Westip elastic. Available in any length 

€ 55

Front riser and seat diminisher to balance your seat € 17

Stirrup strap protection - custom made to match the saddle 

€ 15

Biothane Granite stirrup straps in brown and black

€ 42

Girth strap protection - custom made to match the saddle

also available with wool € 22

Western style fenders

€ 163 - € 174

Simple slide-on fenders

€ 88

Seat saver, also available in black wool or sheepskin

€ 59 - 145

Zalea, a full seat cover

€ 93 -220


Ghost Italian paddock- and riding boots € 155

The Ghost paddock and riding boot is handmade from the finest Italian oiled nubuck leather, also available in Synthetic Micropell, which is also used  for motorcycle boots. This material is water repellant.

The sole is made by VIBRAM, with is light weight, robust and hardwearing. Often VIBRAM soles are used for walking shoes, which makes GHOST boots great for riding and walking. 

Standard color is all black, but it is possible to order them in another colour.

Also available tall boots (custom-made) and a Western model  € 210 - € 170

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