Ghost saddles are made in Italy, ultra light and breathable.  Available in black and chocolate  nubuck.  greased nubuck in black and brown, or normal leather in black, brown and burgundy. Lorica, artificial nubuck on request.



GHOST zadels worden gemaakt in Italië, vederlicht en ademend. Leverbaar in zwart, en chocolade nubuck. Vetleer in zwart en bruin, of normaal leer in zwart, bruin en bordeaux. Lorica kunst nubuck op verzoek

GHOST Sättel werden in Italien hergestellt, federleicht und  atmend. Lieferbar in schwarz und chokolade Nubuk, schwarz oder braun Fettleder, oder Glattleder in schwarz, braun und weinrot. Lorica synthetisch Nubuk auf anfrage.

€ 70

€ 77

€ 77

€ 83

€ 88

€ 99

€ 42

€ 70

€ 143

€ 217

€ 264

€ 286

€ 389

€ 521

A saddle cover is included with every saddle

Ein Sattelschutzbezug wird mit jedem Sattel geliefert

Loose panels  nr. 1

Loose panels nr. 1A

Loose panels nr. 2

Loose panels nr 2A

Loose panels nr. 3

Loose panels nr. 4                                      

Biothane stirrup straps                          


Fenders USA                                              

loose  seat  Florac                     

Loose seat Quilty/Quevis          

Loose seat Firenze/Roma/Veneto

Loose seat Barocco

Loose seat Maremma/Cagliari

the price is a guideline - it may differ in countries with another currency and/or outside Europe